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CIET Acadmic Calender


EVEN SEMESTER (Jan 2017 to May 2017)

EVEN SEMESTER (Jan 2017 to May 2017)
S.No Program From To Activity coordinator Remarks
1 Start of Even semester 2-Jan-17 _    
2 Registration of 6th, 4th, 2nd¬†¬† Semester Students. 4-Jan-17   All Class Coordinators  
3 Commencement of classes of 4th and 6th Semester¬† 9-Jan-17 _ All Class Coordinators  
4 Late Registration with Fine¬† 12-Jan-17 _ All Class Coordinators  
5 Tree Plantation (NSS Activity) 25-Jan-17   -  
6 MST1 6-Feb-17 9-Feb-17 Applied Science¬† Department¬†  
7 Guest lectures for ME dept. 15-Feb-17 _ HOD's  
8 Guest lectures for CE dept. 16-Feb-17 _ HOD's  
9 Guest lecture for CSE/IT Dept. 17-Feb-17 _ HOD's  
10 Technical Quiz 22-Feb-17      
11 Parent Teachers Meeting¬† 24-Feb-17      
12 Guest lecture for ECE Dept. 3-Mar-17 _ HOD's  
13 MST-2 7-Mar-17 10-Mar-17 Applied Science Dept¬†  
14 Tech Fest' 2017 15-Mar-17 16-Mar-17 Mr. Anil Kumar & Mr. Yogesh Kumar  
15 MST-3 8-Apr-17 12-Apr-17 ECE Department¬†  
16 Week Long During Normal Visit to Labs 13-Apr-17 19-Apr-17    
17 Last Teaching Day 21-Apr-17 _ Respective Subject Co-ordinators  
18 Preparatory Holidays 24-Apr-17 28-Apr-17 _  
19 Start of PTU Examination¬† 29-Apr-17 17-May-17    
20 External¬† Practical examination 18-May-17 23-May-17    
21 End of semester 24-May-17 _    
22 Workshop Training 25-May-17 11-Jun-17    
23 Summer Vacations 11-Jun-17 5-Jul-17 _  


Student Activies

S.No Program From Activity coordinator Remarks
1 Grooming Session for students 20-Jan-17 Mr. Kamaljit Singh TPO 2:30 PM
2 Poster making competition  27-Jan-17 Ms.Aditi sharma  & Ms. Kusum Joshi 2:30 PM
3 Kite making and flying competition 31-Jan-17 Mr. Gurjinder Singh & Mr. Gurpreet Kumar 12:00 noon
4 Debate Competition 3-Feb-17 Ms. Puneet Kaur  & Mr. Shelly Chugh 2:30 PM
5 Technical Quiz 15-Feb-17 Ms. Navdeep Kaur & Ms. Kanu Priya Sood 2:30 PM
6 Basket ball match  17-Feb-17 Mr. Gaurav Sachdeva & Mr. Narinderpal Singh 2:30 PM
7 Soft  Skill & Domain Training for 6th semester students 24-Feb-17 Mr. Kamaljit Singh TPO 2:30 PM
8 Volley ball match  3-Mar-17 Mr. Amit Nara & Mr. Inderpreet Singh 2:30 PM
9 Cricket match  15-Mar-17 Mr. Kulwinder Singh & Mr. Amit Nara 2:30 PM
10 Grooming Session for students 17-Mar-17 Mr. Kamaljit Singh TPO 2:30 PM
11 Table tennis match  22-Mar-17 Mr. Tahid & Mr. Majid 2:30 PM
12 Chess  24-Mar-17 Mr. Maqbool dar  & Mr. Neeraj 2:30 PM
13 Foot Ball Match  29-Mar-17 Mr. Maqbool Dar & Mr. Gurjinder Singh  2:30 PM
14 Rangoli compition 5-Apr-17 Ms. Ravinder Kaur & Ms. Anjali Kansal 2:30 PM