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Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man. Our society would not work without civil engineering. Infrastructure supports our daily life – roads and harbours, railways and airports, hospitals, sports stadiums and schools, access to drinking water and shelter from the weather. Today, civilization relies more than ever on teams of inventive people to design, build and maintain the sophisticated environment that surrounds us. Civil engineering as a career is a challenge, self-expression, achievement and personal reward through their work. The civil engineering department is one of its kinds in the region, which provides quality education.



Concrete Lab.

This lab deals with building materials & structural engineering. Here testing of building materials of is conducted all kinds. Cement Testing, Brick Testing, Concrete Compressive strength, Flexure strength of concrete beams, Concrete Mix Design (Detailed & nominal), Steel (Complete Tests), Timber Tests are done.


Structural Analysis Lab

Equipped with various instruments for structural analysis of different materials like steel beams, cantilevers, trusses etc.


Transportation Engg. Lab.

This lab deals with road construction materials. Various tests taught to the students are – Aggregate Test, Crushing Value, Abrasian Value, Imoact. Shape Test, Flakiness Index, Sieve Analysis, Sp. Gr. and Water Absorption, Stripping Test.

Bituminous Test, Penetration Test, Ductility Test, Softening Point Test, Flash and Fire Point Test, Viscosity Test, Bitumen Extraction Test.


Environmental Engg. Lab.

In this lab students learn water & effluent testing: Consultancy services are also provided for

1. Water Testing
2. Effluent Testing, BOD, COD Testing
3. pH value, acidic value and viscosity of solution.


Computer Aided Design Lab.

This lab possesses the latest software and computers required for structural solutions and design in Civil Engineering. The laboratory is equipped with AUTOCAD, STAAD, PRO, Windows XP, Ms-Office, Visual Studio, Audio Visual aids to technical and non-technical problems using computers. The department undertakes a number of National Level Projects.


Solid Mechanics Lab.

Tensile Test and Compression Tests are done on computerized Universal Testing Machine.


Geotechnical Lab.

This lab has equipments for -

1. Bearing Capacity of Soil by SPT Test & Plate Load Test.
2. Consolidation Test
3. CBR Test
4. Triaxial test
5. Direct Shear Test

Sieve Analysis, Hydrometer Analysis, Specific Gravity Test, Moisture Content, Field density, void ratio, degree of saturation, Relative density test, Atterberg limits, Compaction test, Unconfined compression test, Disturbed Undisturbed sampling, Failing head permeability test.


Survey Lab.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Equipped with latest and automated testing machines for various kinds of flows and conducting extensive surveying.



4-6 weeks Industrial Training/Internship after semesters 4 and 6.